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Frequently Asked Questions

So you've got questions? We've got answers..

Question- What Are Your Prices?

Answer- Because every event is different this is a complex answer. While we believe in full transparency, we also believe in giving an accurate quote. With that being said, please tell us a little about your event, like date, time, location, & type of event for the most accurate quote.

Question- What type of events do you provide entertainment for?

Answer- We specialize in weddings. We also provide entertainment services for nightclubs, corporate events, fashion, in store events, sweet 16s, & AV solutions.

Question- What is your back up?

Answer- Well to start. On the date of your event we never book everyone on staff on any date that we have events happening. If for some reason there is a unforeseen circumstance there will always be a comparable staff member to make sure that the event is covered. Once we are at the event; we have back up of all pieces of equipment that are ready to go in case of malfunction. Short answer we've go you covered.

Question- What type of payments do you accept?

Answer- We accept: credit cards, debit cards, checks, cash, PayPal, & The Cash App, as well as Venmo.


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