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Add Ons

So, you've got your party all planned but you're looking to kick it up a notch? Skyline is here to help! Browse below at some popular options. Worry not if you don't see what you're envisioning. If you dream it, we can make it happen - don't feel limited by this list as the options below are simply our most popular choices. Please feel free to reach out with any specific requests.

Intelligent Lighting

Amazing light show and customized for your venue! Intelligent Lighting is the right touch to spotlight the guest of honor, enhance the mood of a couples first dance, and sets the tone when getting the party started. Click here for a demo video.

Wireless Uplighting

Great way to enhance your venues architecture and make your pictures really pop. With uplighting you can tie in the theme and color(s) of your event. Because they are wireless we can put them virtually anywhere. The uplighting can be programmed to change color throughout the night or keep a steady stream of color.

LED Wash

Lighting technology that washes your walls and ceiling with color(s) to match your vision. While uplighting is a beam of light that's great for enhancing architectural qualities, an LED Wash is a wider beam of light that paints the walls and ceiling with color. Programming to change color throughout the night is also an option with this effect.

Dancing On A Cloud 

If you really want that wow factor at your event, this is a great option. This system utilizes dry ice to keep a low lying fog to the ground. Also known as, "Dancing on a cloud" - very popular option for your first dance and makes the pictures incredible!

CO2 Canon

A controllable, hand-held cannon. It takes CO2 gas and shoots across your dance floor to cool off your guests. What makes this effect so cool is the sound that it makes. We know it sounds crazy but if you've ever seen this or heard this in person you know what we mean. This is a safe and fun effect - easy to use but in case you'd rather keep dancing one of our experts can shoot it for you.

Cold Spark Fountains 

This is by far the newest innovation for an event. Envision having your own personal sparkler fountain show inside your venue. It's safe and an exciting way to really enhance certain moments at your event - available in 2, 4, or 6 unit configurations. Click here for a video demo.

Monogram Lighting 

Also known as GoBo lighting, this option is the ultimate in customization. Using this add-on enables us to put your name(s) or logo in lights. The best part is you actually design it. Everything from font, color, and design. These lights look great on the dance floor, wall, or ceiling.

Glow Sticks 

Foam sticks that have 3 different modes. They can either fade, change colors, or strobe. They are also a great way to really get your crowd involved. Best part is, they go home with your guests as a souvenir. Ordering starts at 25 piece increments.


Projector & Screen 

A great option if you want to display a presentation or slide-show to your guests. We can also assist in designing your presentations. This add-on includes a laptop or DVD/Blu-Ray player if needed.


Flat Panel TVs 

Your smart option for adding your company logo or monogram throughout an event or creating a polished version of your slide-show or presentation. Personalization options are also available, such as animating your logo or monogram or providing live, music video mixing. We have some of the best media in the industry and great VJ's to make it amazing. Multiple sizes available. Ask for details and advice.


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