DJ-Event Hosts

At Skyline DJ Group call our entertainers "DJ-Event Hosts" for a very good reason. It's because we do more than just play music, we actually consult with you or your group to make sure your event is awesome. Our DJ-Event Hosts always take the time to learn what your style is and what moves you and what doesn't. Quite honestly the most important thing for us is to facilitate your vision and make it a reality. All you have to do is just have an amazing day. All of our entertainment staff are veterans that know how to read a crowd. Anyone can play music. It takes a professional to look at a crowd and build a vibe. Not all events are the same and not all crowds are the identical. IIt's not as simple as playing your list. It's actually a science to study a list and make it musical journey. We know that we are making it sound complicated, but if you have seen a great DJ and a not so great DJ you know what we mean. All of our DJ's know how to blend songs together in a seamless way regardless of genre or when it was released. Good music is good music. A lot of DJs start off the event with older songs and then progressively move through the years. Now, while this might work for some DJs or events. We believe in playing good music, period. If you keep the music blended you are more likely keep the dance floor full because you are impacting more people with different types of music. We also care deeply about what you don't want to hear. We would love to help you build your playlist. Let us know if you need any advice or if you have any questions.

Meet Our Staff

Dj Perform has been in the Dj game for more than 15 years now. He got his start like most djs, djing small parties for friends and family. Eventually he gained notoriety around the neighborhood and started being able to make some financial gain, balancing a day job and djing at night. After a short while he was able to break into the club scene in Philly playing spots like Egypt on the Waterfront, Maui, The 8th Floor, Shampoo, & Envy (Club 27 a/o Blurr), Baja (Chrome a/o Roxxy) among others. After the club scene on Delaware Ave. started to die down he made the decision to jump in to the mobile scene. Mostly djing weddings, sweet 16s, corporate events, & fashion shows full time. Dj Perform currently works full time as a Dj and has done guest spots all over the east coast including, but not limited to Xfinity Live, G-Lounge, Mad River (both locations), Red Sky, Marmont, Raven Lounge, Haven Nightclub, & Fox & Hound (KOP & Center City), etc. Perform now mainly concentrates his efforts on putting out popular mixes on his website where there is over 50 mixes available for free. The most important things in his life are his 3 sons and wife. People aren't waiting for the "Night, they're waiting for the "Moment."

Kurteousy is a nine-year professional DJ/MC born and raised in Philadelphia. Influenced 

by local and professional DJs, Kurteousy has driven himself to conduct a well-orchestrated performance at each occasion. Kurteousy understands that each experience is unique to an individual’s celebration. He believes firmly in the original roots of DJ Per4m and Skyline DJ Group, and desires to further expand his partnerships throughout the East Coast with significance and reputation. 

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